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"We Find Solutions."


Access Car Rentals. Prepay and Drive Away. The Surrogate Driver Solution.

Posted on 16 February, 2016 at 4:14 Comments comments (1037)
Access Car Rentals. Prepay and Drive Away. The Surrogate Driver Solution.

Car Rentals for Persons without a Credit Card - the Surrogate Driver Solution.

 Don’t let a  Credit Card limit your travel plans. 
Just because you do not have a valid credit card or choose  not to use one doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the freedom of a personal car rental. 

Subject to your pre-qualification and pre approval,  the Surrogate Driver Program is available to Preferred Members of our Business Referrals Network. Prequalify Today!.

Our targeted Car Rental Agency Service Providers can approve the Surrogate Driver Program for Car Rentals. The key to securing the No Credit Card Required Surrogate Driver Car Rentals is pre-planning.  

Options for Involvement.

- Car Rental Agency Surrogate Driver Program:
How to Rent with a Surrogate Driver. No Credit Card Required. 

Provided the renter is personally and financially responsible,  Access Car Rentals can arrange a car rental contract that includes a designated or “surrogate” driver. The renter is then required to submit a copy of their chosen surrogate’s drivers license. The renter will be placed on the Rental Contract as an authorized Driver. 

The surrogate must be at least 25 years of age. Most surrogates are also required to be pre-qualified and pre-approved by Access Car Rentals. "Inquire how you can become a Surrogate Driver Today".

 While each car rental company’s procedure is slightly different, the renter is normally required to complete their reservation using a personal credit card, however Access car Rentals will pre-approve the renter to Prepay the estimated Car Rental Quote, Service Fees and required Cash Security Deposit.

- Car Rental Agency: Pre-qualified, Regional, National and International Service Providers.

- Prepay and Drive Away - No Credit Card Required Car Rental  Agency Opportunity.

Act Now: Submit your request for involvement or a quote today. Pre-qualify Now!



Posted on 22 November, 2015 at 19:11 Comments comments (153)

Please complete the information below. Submit to PDA Approval Centre.
Name______________________________ D.O.B.___________________Age:______
SSN/SIN (Optional) ________________
Address_______________________ City_______________ State/Prov.________
Home Tel.__ ________________ Work Tel._ _________________
Fax Tel.__________________ Other Tel. (specify) __________________
Email Address: _________________ Website: ____________________________
Drivers License: _____________________________________________________
I am [ ] unemployed { } self-employed [ ] employed [ ] retired
Employer__ _____________________________________________
How long there? ______________ Years ______________ months.
My residence is [  ] owned [ ] rented
I have been at my present address for___ years ____months.
I am [ ] single [ ] married [ ] separated [ ] divorced [ ] widowed

[ ] Yes, I wish to pre-qualify for WFS Preferred Membership: 

1.      [ ] One year: $199.00.
2.      [ ] Single use: $40.00.
Vehicle Required: Economy/Compact___. Intermediate__Standard__Fullsize__ Premium__ Other____________________
 Time Required: ____________ Payment method__________________________
All terms and conditions of the targeted Service Providers will become an integral part of the Membership Agreement. Additional information may be requested. (See Below.)
Participation Division Windows of Opportunity:
Funds available for Participation $__________________ (US/CDN)
Specific Participation Interest: ________________________________________________

[ ] Yes, I wish to submit my Funding Request to WFS Consultants Funding /Resource Partners.
Funding Request: $________________Purpose:______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
Executive Summary Attached: (Y/N) ________

 REFERRAL INCOME DIVISION. (Referrals Compensated.)
[  ] Yes, I am interested in referring participants as a Referral Coordinator (RCP).

Scan and Email: to [email protected] for Pre-qualification. or Contact us:

Referred by:  _____________________________ RC #__________________

Date: ___________________

PREQUALIFIED___________REFERRED TO____________________________

REJECTED_______________FILE CLOSED_____________________________


Requirements for pre-qualification and approval.:
- WFS Preferred Members Subscription Application: (Attached)
- Copy of front and back of valid Driver's License for all drivers of the rental vehicle.
- Second piece of identification for all drivers of the rental vehicle.
- Three (3) full references (Names, Phone #, Addresses required for all references).     All references must have a different address.
- Prepayment: Rental Charges + Security Deposit. (Cash, Direct Deposit, Email Money Transfer,, Debit Cards. Secured Credit Cards.)

Attached please find the WFS Preferred Members Subscription Application for your review and completion.
Upon receipt and approval, your reservation confirmation will be guaranteed by WFS Network.


WFS Consultants information and content is exclusively for its Preferred Members and not meant to be a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security, products or services. WFS Consultants are not brokers, dealers or registered investment advisers and do not intend or attempt to influence the purchase or sale of any security, products or services.

WFS Consultants recommend that investors desiring to trade in securities do so cautiously and with the help of a personal financial advisor. We provide no responsibility for any loss caused by the material of any Participation Opportunity submitted by our clients.

WFS Consultants is not a banking institution or lender. We specialize in finding lifestyle enhancement solutions for our Preferred Members and bringing Investors and Entrepreneurs together, matching you with Entrepreneurs and/or Investors according to the information that you provide in the “WFS PREFERRED MEMBERS SUBSCRIPTION APPLICATION.

Access Car Rentals. 3 day Renewable Rental Option. Prepay Cash and Drive Away.

Posted on 21 November, 2015 at 5:57 Comments comments (498)

Our Funding, Participation, Income opportunities and Service Providers are exclusively available to Preferred Members of WFS Network.

 Prepay and Drive Away – No Credit Card Required Car Rentals, in association with WFS Network are pleased to launch the 3 Day Renewable Car Rental Option.  
- Access Car Rentals. No Credit Card Required.
- 72 hour notice required. Express service available.
- Return or Renewal Options. (Up to 30 days.)
- Exclusive to WFS Network Preferred Members. - "We Find Solutions." Pre-qualify Today!
- Pre- Selected Car Rental Agency Service Providers.
1. Reserve your choice of vehicle for 3 days rental (renewable option) from the featured car rental agency service provider. 
2. Send reservation confirmation to WFS Network Pre- Approval Centre. (Text or email.)
3. Upon approval for prepayment option, WFS will guarantee your reservation confirmation with the car rental agency.
4. You prepay our discounted corporate rental quote, WFS service fees and assessed Cash Security Deposit.
5. Pick up your vehicle from selected car rental agency, sign rental agreement and drive away. No credit card required.
6. See Return/Renewal Options, Cancellation and Cash Security Deposit Refund Policy below.
Text: 1 289 892 3782
Telephone: 1 905 233 2322
Toll Free:    1 866 927 4441
Email:         [email protected]

Option 1. DIY - Do it yourself.
- Reserve 3 day rental of vehicle from car rental service provider.
- Send reservation confirmation to WFS Network - Prepay and Drive Away Approval Centre.
- Submit for approval to the Prepay and Drive Away Approval Centre.
- The Approval Centre will provide the Prepayment Due. (discounted corporate car rental quote, wfs network service fees, assessed cash security deposit and prepayment procedures.)
- Prepay and provide proof of payment receipt to approval centre to receive your guaranteed reservation confirmation number.
Payment Options: Cash, Debit,, Secured Credit Card, Email Transfers and Credit Card.
-Upon receipt of the prepayment confirmation, WFS Network will guarantee your reservation confirmation through our corporate account with the car rental agency service provider.

Option 2.
Submit required information for a request for quote RFQ) by text or email to the Approval Centre.
Information required for quote: (Mandatory)
-        Name of Driver.
-        Age.
-        Postal Code/zip code.
-        Email address.
-        Vehicle size required. Selection preferred.
-        Date/time required.
-        Date/time Return.
-        Renewals._____ (Up to 10/month)
-        How long.______ (Total Days.)
-        Cash or Credit Card.
-        Need our insurance? ____.LDW__PA __PEP___ALI___
Car rental quote and reservation confirmation will be received from the selected Car Rental Agency Service Provider and sent to you for your acceptance.
Upon your acceptance of the quote, the car rental agency will contact you directly to confirm reservation and payment options.
If Prepayment is approved and received by Approval Centre, WFS Network will guarantee the reservation confirmation through our corporate account with the selected car rental service provider.


- Assignment of Customer Care Consultant.
- Confirm your acceptance of quote, Verification of Vehicle Reservation and Pick up and Return Procedures.
- Prepay Rental Charges and Refundable Security Deposit.
- Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, Email Transfers, Debit Card, Secured Credit Card, Credit Card.
Rental Vehicle Return/Renewal Options.
- Return of Vehicle.
24 hour notice required to confirm your vehicle return and/or renewal option decision.
Vehicle. must be returned to pick location unless pre-arranged and authorized by Service Provider to return vehicle to alternate location.
Vehicle Rental Charges will be billed to our Corporate Account with the selected Car Rental Service Provider.
Collect Rental Agreement Receipt from the Car Rental Agency and forward it to our Security Deposit Refund Department for reconciliation and Security Deposit Refund Schedule
-Renewal of Car Rental. (Up to 30 day renewals).
- 24 hour notice required to confirm your vehicle renewal option.
- Prepay Rental Charges required to confirm vehicle rental extension approval.
- Customer Care Consultant will authorize your Car Rental extension with the Car Rental Agency Service Provider.
Terms and Conditions of the Car Rental Agency Service Provider.
Renter agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions of the selected car rental agency contract.
Prepay and Drive Away Cancellation Policy:
24 hours’ notice before pick up is required to Cancel Guaranteed Reservation Confirmation with Car Rental Service Provider
Submit the Cancellation confirmation from the car rental agency to the Approval Centre. 90% of the Rental Quote and Cash Security Deposit will be refunded in 3 banking days.
**For Express Service: 2/3rd of the Rental Quote and the Cash Security Deposit will be refunded in 3 banking days.
Cash Security Deposit Refund Schedule:
Subject to receipt and reconciliation of the Rental Contract, (payment of unpaid parking tickets, 407 ETR Toll Charges and additional charges by the Car Rental Agency), the net Cash Security Deposit will be refunded in 14 banking days.
Any outstanding rental charges and fees in excess of the Cash Security Deposit will be immediately due and payable. .
WFS Network reserves the right to assign any outstanding Accounts Receivables to a third party collection agency for collections.
Why Prepay and Drive Away Car Rentals?
- 3 day Renewable Car Rental Option.
- Flexibility of Payment Options.  LIFE is unpredictable.
- Top tier Car Rental Agency Service Providers.
- Global access to WFS Network creative solutions.
- 24/7 Customer Care Consultants.
- Peace of mind.


Access Car Rentals. Prepay and drive away. No credit card required.

Posted on 8 October, 2015 at 1:50 Comments comments (123)
Access Car Rentals from our Select Car Rental Service Providers... 

Prepay Cash and Drive Away. 

Cash, Debit Card, Secured Credit Cards. Credit Cards. 

-Must be 23 year of age or older 
-Security deposit based on the length of the rental, year and model of vehicle (min. $600.00 to cover insurance deductible.) 
-Valid drivers license 
-Express Service available. 

Send Text now to 289 892 3782 for quick quote. 

VEHICLES: -Small/compact: -Mid size: -Full size: -Medium SUV: and much more.. 


GLOBAL LOCATIONS through for Preferred Members only. Prequalify today.

Canada wide. Toronto and Surrounding Area, Montreal,  Ottawa, More to come.

Toll Free; 866 927 4441, 
Tel: 905 233 2322. 

- ALSO AVAILABLE NOW! A Secured Credit Card accepted by Car Rental Agencies, Hotels and much more. Pre qualify Today.
Option #1. Mastercard.
English Application Link:
French Application Link:

Option #2. Visa.
Code for Secured Visa with fee:
Online Form - Secured Visa with fee

Code for Secured Visa with no annual fee:
Online Form - Secured Visa no annual fee. 

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Prepay and Drive Away - No Credit Card Required Car Rental Agency Opportunity. Earn up to $2500.00/wk. Prequalify today.