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"We Find Solutions."



Posted on 22 November, 2015 at 19:11 Comments comments (160)

Please complete the information below. Submit to PDA Approval Centre.
Name______________________________ D.O.B.___________________Age:______
SSN/SIN (Optional) ________________
Address_______________________ City_______________ State/Prov.________
Home Tel.__ ________________ Work Tel._ _________________
Fax Tel.__________________ Other Tel. (specify) __________________
Email Address: _________________ Website: ____________________________
Drivers License: _____________________________________________________
I am [ ] unemployed { } self-employed [ ] employed [ ] retired
Employer__ _____________________________________________
How long there? ______________ Years ______________ months.
My residence is [  ] owned [ ] rented
I have been at my present address for___ years ____months.
I am [ ] single [ ] married [ ] separated [ ] divorced [ ] widowed

[ ] Yes, I wish to pre-qualify for WFS Preferred Membership: 

1.      [ ] One year: $199.00.
2.      [ ] Single use: $40.00.
Vehicle Required: Economy/Compact___. Intermediate__Standard__Fullsize__ Premium__ Other____________________
 Time Required: ____________ Payment method__________________________
All terms and conditions of the targeted Service Providers will become an integral part of the Membership Agreement. Additional information may be requested. (See Below.)
Participation Division Windows of Opportunity:
Funds available for Participation $__________________ (US/CDN)
Specific Participation Interest: ________________________________________________

[ ] Yes, I wish to submit my Funding Request to WFS Consultants Funding /Resource Partners.
Funding Request: $________________Purpose:______________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
Executive Summary Attached: (Y/N) ________

 REFERRAL INCOME DIVISION. (Referrals Compensated.)
[  ] Yes, I am interested in referring participants as a Referral Coordinator (RCP).

Scan and Email: to [email protected] for Pre-qualification. or Contact us:

Referred by:  _____________________________ RC #__________________

Date: ___________________

PREQUALIFIED___________REFERRED TO____________________________

REJECTED_______________FILE CLOSED_____________________________


Requirements for pre-qualification and approval.:
- WFS Preferred Members Subscription Application: (Attached)
- Copy of front and back of valid Driver's License for all drivers of the rental vehicle.
- Second piece of identification for all drivers of the rental vehicle.
- Three (3) full references (Names, Phone #, Addresses required for all references).     All references must have a different address.
- Prepayment: Rental Charges + Security Deposit. (Cash, Direct Deposit, Email Money Transfer,, Debit Cards. Secured Credit Cards.)

Attached please find the WFS Preferred Members Subscription Application for your review and completion.
Upon receipt and approval, your reservation confirmation will be guaranteed by WFS Network.


WFS Consultants information and content is exclusively for its Preferred Members and not meant to be a recommendation or an offer to buy or sell any security, products or services. WFS Consultants are not brokers, dealers or registered investment advisers and do not intend or attempt to influence the purchase or sale of any security, products or services.

WFS Consultants recommend that investors desiring to trade in securities do so cautiously and with the help of a personal financial advisor. We provide no responsibility for any loss caused by the material of any Participation Opportunity submitted by our clients.

WFS Consultants is not a banking institution or lender. We specialize in finding lifestyle enhancement solutions for our Preferred Members and bringing Investors and Entrepreneurs together, matching you with Entrepreneurs and/or Investors according to the information that you provide in the “WFS PREFERRED MEMBERS SUBSCRIPTION APPLICATION.

Happy New Year 2014!!.New Short Stories Immediately. Read on.......

Posted on 7 January, 2014 at 2:28 Comments comments (226)
Happy New Year 2014!!.New Short Stories Immediately. Read on.......

On Monday, January 6, 2014 9:42:25 PM, New Blue Immediately <[email protected]> wrote:

This newsletter is quite different than other newsletters.  We grow our following through word of mouth.  Also, you will find that about half of the messages we send out are for entertainment purposes only.  But, wait until you see what we are doing with the other half. 

When My Cell Phone Rings – Part 1 of 3
Bob always kept a stiff upper lip.  But, this month was bad.  After he paid his employees, he was pretty much broke.  He didn’t want to start dipping into his savings.  So, he was hoping to land a new client by the end of the week.  He was digging through a list of sales leads when he got a text message.  But, you’ll never guess who it came from.
It looked like the text was coming from Bobs own cell phone number.   The message said “rub me”.  Bob dismissed this ridiculous text.  Then, he put the cell phone down.  But, he got another text from the same phone number right away.  This one said “No seriously.  Rub your cell phone”.  At this point, Bob was willing to try anything.  He rubbed his cell phone.  Then puff.  A bearded genie appeared hovering above the water cooler. 
The genie told Bob that he would be granted three wishes.  But, he had to abide by the following three rules.  First, the wishes have to be related to Bob’s business.  Second, he can’t just ask for more customers.  Third, he can’t just ask for more money.  Bob thought that this could be the solution to his problem.
To be continued; 

Before you close this email, I want to make sure that you are going to get parts two and three of this story.  Most of you probably received this message through an email forward.  Those people have to sign up for my New Newsletter Immediately if they want to read parts 2 and 3.  But first, you have to forward this email to every successful professional that you know.  You could be the first one to tell your friends about this.  

But, let’s try to keep this story in the winner’s circle.   Happy New Year!!